Casino tournaments have become truly popular recently. Even though casinos (offline or online) can’t really complain about the lack of players, casino tournaments attract even more players. Why is it so? The reason is simple.

If you can do a little bit of math, you know that a casino always wins. The problem is not in the games but in the payouts. To be short, the payout scheme of every game is arranged precisely in such a way as to leave the house with generous profits. That’s exactly what the house edge is. No matter how hard you try (and believe me some try really hard by touching a slot machine to determine how cold or hot it is as if machine’s temperature did really mean something), the casino always wins.

Of course sometimes happens that all omens are on your side and all planets do align and you can hit a really big winning. However, as long as you play long enough, the law of averages takes the reign.

However, in casino tournaments you play not against the house, but against other players. Whenever you play against humans (hmm… casino people are humans too or aren’t they?) you can use a strategy and thus alter the outcome towards your benefit. To be short, in tournaments, casino games shift from purely game of chance to game of skill and skilled players can make the difference. In the end, this will be reflected on your bankroll (hopefully, in a positive way).

While practically every casino game can be adapted to the tournament schemed, some are more popular. Currently, Slots games and Blackjack are two popular type of games used in casino tournaments.

In Slot tournaments players receive equal amounts of play-money or credits and there is a predefined time when the tournament is finished. The player with the most credits at the end of the a tournament wins the game. Of course, unless a tournament is a freeroll, you have to pay a predefine amount to buy-in.

In BlackJack tournaments players play a predefined number of hands against the same dealer. Again, whoever finishes with the most credits is the winner. Naturally, BlackJack tournaments are more interesting and if you ask me, BlackJack tournaments are as interesting as Poker tournaments.

This was just a review of casino game tournaments. Before you decide to participate in any casino tournament, I recommend that you carefully read the rules. Knowing rules can give you significant advantage over your competitors.


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