When choosing an online casino, one of the things to look at is if a particular casino offers Flash-based games, download games or both. Both types of online casinos have advantages and disadvantages. Some people for example play exclusively at Flash casinos, while others prefer download casinos. Which is better you may ask. Well, depends. Depends on what your priorities are.

Do you want to be able to play your favorite casino games where ever you are? If so, Flash casino is the way to go unless you carry your laptop. Another advantage of Flash casinos is that they don’t require installation. No installation means less headache. For example, one of the casinos that I use updates application quite often and this really annoys me. When a Flash casino gets updated, you don’t even notice it. With Flash casinos, you always play the latest version.

Finally, it must be noted that usually Flash casinos feature better graphics and better animations and effects.

On the other hand, download casinos require installation only once and there is no download time – games open instantly. However, with modern Flash casinos this is not a big problem because modern Flash casinos feature advanced caching capabilities to reduce download times.

It is a widely accepted idea that Flash casinos are not stable. For example, if you experience connectivity problems, you may lose your bet. However, this is not the case. All good Flash casinos feature advanced restore features. So, if you play at good casinos, you can forget about this problem at all.

We could go to finer details of comparison, however, the conclusion is that these days there is not big difference between Flash casinos and their download counterparts. Finally, many casinos offer both versions. So, the choice is yours.


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