I think everyone at least once in a life must play poker. Believe or not, you’re already a poker player for no other game is so close to life than poker. Take for example chess. Chess is a great game but it’s far too distant from the real life. In chess there is no such thing as chance. Both players get an equal chance to win and generally stronger players always win in chess, ten games out of ten and hundred out of hundred. Moreover, a player with a higher ranking is guaranteed to win a player with a lower ranking.

Poker is different. Poker is something that we play every day while living our lives. Obviously, in poker, luck is no less important than in life. However, only luck is not enough. You have to be a good player in order to win. Of course, in the short run, you may get lucky and get better cards. However, in the long run, if you are not a good player, you will lose anyway. After all, cards treat everyone equally. If you doubt this statement, you can check the most spectacular victories at the poker tables and see what the winner cards were.

Thus, we must agree that poker is a mixed game of chance, luck, skill, strategy and psychology. This is what makes poker so impressive and so popular. To be short, poker is exciting. Good poker skills will help you in other walks of your life as well. For example, good poker players are pretty good at math, are well-organized, evaluate risks more objectively and usually learn how to read people. Obviously, these skills are useful in business and at work, as well as in personal life.

Becoming a professional poker player opens extra horizons to you. Playing poker professionally can be not only financially rewarding, but can also make you popular quickly. These days poker players are as popular as movie and rock stars.

At the same time poker is an extremely easy game to play. Learning a basic poker play is a matter of minutes. Mastering poker, however, is a totally different story. It may take months and years after you learned playing poker, to you become a really good player (if you become one at all). But again, this is one of the features that make poker such a great game – game for you, for me, for us or a game of life.


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